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Wifi Booster

After having VM fast fibre installed, we found that we had wifi 'dead zones'. I bought a TP LINK wifi booster socket adapter. Set up was really easy. Got it to 'talk' to the modem router and relocated it near to dead zones. It worked a treat! Perfect! It's worked for about 3 months. But has now suddenly stopped talking to router. I've been through the set up again. I've tried connecting using 'option 2' on the installation guide. But nothing. I bought a new one. Still nothing.
Any ideas?
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Re: Wifi Booster

What sort of booster have you got, is it a wireless repeater, or a powerline adapter?

If it is a wireless repeater then it looks like wireless interference preventing the repeater talking to the hub or reaching the deadzone.

You could try changing the wireless channel manually. Downloading a wireless scanner like InSSIDer for Windows or WiFiAnalyser for Android would help by showing you the surrounding wireless networks, the channels they are broadcasting on, and their signal strengths, so you can select the best wireless channel.

Setting the Hub's radio setting to 300Mbps (or 40Mhz channel) is not advised on the 2.4GHz band as it takes up over half of the available spectrum, making it prone to wireless interference..

I would also check for other sources of wireless interference such as A\V streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones, Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, etc.

The main problem with repeaters is that they rely on a good signal to relay.