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Why is my broadband connection intermittent

Since I can't remember I've always had problems with my WiFi speeds and buffering.
The problem lately since the last two weeks is my broadband keeps disconnecting and rebooting. And I'm talking 20 times a day or more.
I had a new hub installed as mine was over 5 years old and this didn't solve anything. I fact it made things worse as now I can't connect to now tv anymore or my xbox 1. It constantly flicks on and off with the connection so impossible to do anything.
I must admit the speeds have improved up to around 100mbps out of a possible 200mbps that I'm paying for but I'm also paying £8 per month for now tv that I can no longer use.
I can't stream on my fire stick or play xbox live. Can anybody give me any advice or know how to fix the problem.
I called Virgin again today and they sent some signals and rebooted the box. Immediately after the call ended it started to happen again disconnecting all my devices and reconnecting on and off
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Re: Why is my broadband connection intermittent

Hi Viccol239, 

Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about your issues with your broadband being intermittent. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have tested the connection from here and I can see that your Hubs logs show a number of time outs inside the Hubs logs. I would like to arrange for an engineer to attend and investigate things further for you.

I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required in order to proceed with making the booking. Please respond to me there and I'll get this sorted for you.

P.S I noticed nobody has welcomed you to our forum community yet, so let me take this opportunity to be the first! It's great to see so many people getting involved around here! Smiley Happy

Take care, 



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