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WOW/WOL Support on Superhub 3

So I want to set up a proper solution for being able to wake up my computer remotely using Wake on Wan. Using my phone as the device to wake up the computer whilst at home works perfectly when connected to the wifi on the SH3, but it's not that simple to set up a WOW connection. I've been searching for a solution and it seems that the ARP table has to be edited so that my IP address does not time out when not in use for more than 15 minutes or so. However, in order to do this I apparently need to establish a telnet connection to the SH3, but it keeps failing. Either I'm doing something wrong, or the SH3 just doesn't support telnetting. I've forwarded my ports, placed my computer's IP into a DHCP filter list, so it stays as it is, and enabled both UDP and TCP (TCP being what telnet uses) but I can't get past the point of being able to successfully connect to the router via telnet. 


If anyone has a clue as to what I'm talking about then please shed some light on this. I don't want to have to buy another router just to put the SH3 on modem mode and telnet like that, if there are other solutions I'd like to know. 

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