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Vonage requires DMZ?

I've been using Vonage with my superhub for years, without issue. Yesterday something went wrong and I can no longer get sound when I make outgoing calls. The other line rings, but I hear nothing.

I call the Vonage tech guys, and they tell me I need to enable the Superhub's DMZ, with it set to an unused IP address. I do this, and the phones start working. As a test, I disable the DMZ, and the phones stop working.

This is baffling to me for several reasons. Why does enabling the DMZ for a random IP (say effect the vonage box on a different IP? Why has this suddenly come about? Was there a bizarre update (Vonage guy told me Virgin had rolled out an update, and that's why he knew what to do)?

I don't feel safe having a random IP set as the DMZ. What if one of my devices get assigned that IP one day? Not ideal.

Does anybody know what's going on here? Is there a better workaround?

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Re: Vonage requires DMZ?

We never what their have done with the firmware or how its working it can be the SIP a AGL tracks the DMZ IP (or as a bug track any IP for doing SIP to) for fixing SIP then again it can be the other way around and SIP detects NAT in order the workaround the NAT.

If you set the DMZ to DHCP on the SH is unlikely to set your device with that IP.

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