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Vivid Gamer Upgrade From Vivid +200

Hi Guys


I noticed recently VM now offer another package VM Vivid Gamer, Which offers a bigger upload and no traffic management. 


I am looking to upgrade from my current vivid 200 package, however iv hit a snag.

As i have discussed previously on this post

the superhub3 Doesn't work correctly, Portforwarding would not work for the most common ports ie. 80/443 etc, i was told this by a virgin engineer over the phone, outright just told me it doesn't work. This was around 12 Months ago.

Now i want to upgrade Virgin said i have to use the Hub3, but if port forwarding is still not working i simply cannot. my question is, have their been any firmware updates


does the port forwarding now work can anyone confirm with their own?


i believed that the last time the problem was due to the way the router used IPv6 on the WAN side. which is why none of my IPv4 Rules seemed to translate back, that was a hunch but not confirmed.


anyway if anyone could be kind enough to let me know or try for me, because i really want that extra upload!





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