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Virgin media slowing down my internet

I opted for the virgin media 200 Mbps package during October. Before, I was on the virgin media Mbps package.

I often call virgin media when my internet is slow, which results in an automated message playing, which goes something like
"We are sorry that the internet is slow. This is due to maintenance in your area. Because this is a big issue, we may take a while to fix it"

However, a few days ago, I had noticed my internet to be quite slow (around 1-10 Mbps). Therefore, at around 8pm, I called virgin media, to which, after they asked me to reset my internet and call back if the issue persisted, I was not given the same automated message given above, but put on with someone from their call centres. 

After inquiring to the employee about the slow internet I was getting, he confirmed my package to be the 200 Mbps virgin media package, and put me on hold for around 2 minutes to check the database.

He returns to tell me that the internet is slow because of technicians working in my area, as said in the automated message. I ask him when this 'maintenance' started, and when it is expected to finish. 

He proceeds to inform me that this 'Maintenance' started 3 years ago.

I was never informed of any 'Maintenance' in the area when I was offered the 200 Mbps package. They sold me the package 4 months ago, without telling me that I would NEVER be able to achieve full speeds because of maintenance that had been persisting for 3 years now.

Then he tells me that during the hours of 12:00 am - 4:00 pm, the internet would be optimal and perfect and should be over 150 Mbps, and that only during the other hours of the day would the internet be slow.

He says that this maintenance will finish within a month. The bad news is that I am not at home until around 5 or 6, so during the weekdays, I have to use incredibly slow internet, over 10 times slower than what I pay for.

Even on the weekends before 4, the internet does not go over 100, usually capping out at around 90mbps. Again, this is not my concern, and I can live with this when there are bigger issues at hand.

If anything, this is very unethical to not have informed me of this earlier, and it seems that I will have to deal with incredibly slow internet until this 'maintenance is complete'. Again, I highly doubt that this 'Maintenance' will take less than a month, and could take a lot longer.

It is not something I would expect from such a well known company, and it raises questions about if anyone else is experiencing the same treatment- do they downgrade everyone in the area's internet for years at a time just to upgrade their wires? If so, cant they do it without cutting my internet to a fraction of what I pay for?

Is there anything I can do about this? Or do I just have to deal with it until they finish...


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin media slowing down my internet

Hi Internet1,

I am honestly sorry for your poor peak time speeds. I do regret the terminology 'maintenance' as that implies a short term issue.
What is actually happening here is the ground work being laid in preparation for a full network upgrade to increase capacity so that peak time load can be handled. Some work has previously been completed which has alleviated the peak time congestion but obviously more work is required.

You could wait until the next review date, 15/04/2017, at which point either an EFT for the upgrade will be provided or a new review date.

Or you could speak to Customer Services (150 - free from a VM landline/mobile, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone) and request a downgrade until the issue is fully resolved. 

Apologies for any lack of information provided about this at the time of your upgrade but do please call in and have that discussion.

Kind wishes,

Forum Team

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