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Virgin in other rooms

Hopefully right section as I'm first time poster so apologies if not.

I have searched the forum and found a variety of answers but most relate to the old tivo box.

I'm currently with sky and looking to move to Virgin. Current sky set up is main box in living room and multi room box in a spare room which I'm looking to replicate with Virgin and no problems there. 

However I also have my main box linked to a TV in my dining room and also a bedroom via a combination of splitters - HDMI and/or coax along with a magic eye in each so that my remote works in each room.

I'm looking to replicate this with Virgin and note there is no RF out. With the new v6 box the scart out seems to be disabled which appears to be a solution for previous boxes. I'm also conscious the new remotes are RF rather than IR so not sure how this would work either i.e. would the range work through brick walls or how do I get them to work?  None of the TVs are smart TV but I'd looked at a firestick or similar but not convinced this is compatible either. 

I have limited tech ability but my head is bursting trying to search the tinterweb for answers so any help or guidance is much appreciated.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin in other rooms

Hello Macca666,


Thanks for posting on the community Smiley Happy


The only option that we provide would be to subscribe to multiple boxes, one for each television. There are other options available from third parties but I can only suggest what we provide.


We also have the option to watch recordings from one box to another through our multi-room streaming function and I have provided all the information on how to set this up here.


Sorry I could not help further but hopefully someone from the community will also be able to answer your question.


Kind regards

Forum Team

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