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Virgin SH2 with Powerlines

My Virgin "package" includes VIVID200; I think I have a Superhub2, which is at the very front left corner of the house. WiFi coverage in the house is poor, in the rear extension there is no signal at all from the router.

I have 2 x Solwise powerline adapters to connect wired devices (including TIVO, NAS, Samsung TV) in the rear extension & recently added an Aztech HL113 plug to provide WiFi in the extension (for phones, iPads, laptops, SONOS, wireless printer). The Aztech is very unreliable - cuts out occasionally, refuses connections, appears to lose connections to Apple iPad devices and laptops - and has to be switched off + on at least once per day.

The Solwise plugs are > 7 years old now & I would like to replace those 2 and probably the Aztech as well with faster, more reliable units.

I have just tried a Netgear WiFi extender (EX2700) midway between the router and the rear extension. It just about worked for slow WiFi browsing but was not an improvement on the Aztech and is on its way back to Amazon.

Can anyone with some experience/knowledge of powerline recommend which devices might suit this setup and / or suggest alternative approaches ???????

Thanks in advance.


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