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Virgin Media Wifi/Arqiva Wifi (Arqiva Wifi acquired by Virgin Media Business)

Virgin Media Wifi is supposed to be available at Arqiva Wifi hotspots such as airports,hotels,the former Arqiva/New world Telephone boxes now owned by Clear Channel.

However, when connecting to a Arqiva Wifi hotspot, there doesn't seem to be a link for Virgin Media users, is it only available for the App users? I stood by the former Arqiva phone box now owned by Clear channel and when it connected to Arqiva Wifi, it gave a list of connection options such as £1 for an hour ect... and then I went down to 'connect through wifi partner' and only Boing and some other partner was listed.

I am familiar to Arqiva Wifi as i've used it numerous times right back to when the company was Spectrum Interactive.

By the way, Arqiva Wifi has now been acquired by Virgin Media Business

Anyone with any idea about this please let me know, the Virgin Media website says this:

Arqiva Wifi website contains no information other than it has been acquired by Virgin Media Business.

The plan for the former Arqiva/NWP phone boxes possibly containing Virgin Media Wifi, if Arqiva didn't sell off the phone boxes, Virgin Media would have had its own which would have been a good asset for advertising,Wifi and promoting Virgin Media and for the odd phone call


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Re: Virgin Media Wifi/Arqiva Wifi (Arqiva Wifi acquired by Virgin Media Business)

Hello nick_london,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm going to leave this thread open as hopefully a member of the community with jump in with infomation.


We're only trained to support residential customers here on the forum, but I'm sure if you give Business support a call, they will be able to help with this.


Apologies for this,

Take care.



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