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Re: super hub 2

hi there i have done it woop Smiley Happy

lisa x
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Re: super hub 2

I don't usually blow my own trumpet, but feel free to use my lovely passphrase/password generators.  Free of all charge and once saved, they'll work offline.

If folk require longer CAT5/6 cable, try this: where you can obtain up to 305 metres of the stuff.  You can even roll your own!  Or, if you're incredibly lucky (as I was last year), you can get Belkin 10m Cat5 in which wasn't advertised anywhere at the time.  However, 50m outdoor grade for £15 is a very good deal on ebay.  For those with an Amazon acount:

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Changed password on Superhub but now won't work

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I changed the password on my superhub 2 modem from changeme and wrote it down on a piece of paper.   I've logged in a few times since then as I believe someone had managed to gain access to our hub, hence the change of password.

I have now tried to log in again and the password won't work.  I've reset the box three times now and it will not revert back to factory settings.

I'm very concerned that someone has gained access to our hub again as the password won't work like it did before.  

Can someone help?  Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Changed password on Superhub but now won't work

Hello bella565,

Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

Big apologies for the problems you're having with your connection at the moment. I was going to suggest sending you a replacement Hub, but when I've tested your network I've noticed that your power levels are out of range. So I think it's best to arrange for an engineer to call around and I'll ensure they have a new Hub on truck. I'll send you the appointment info via PM (purple envelope, top right).

Catch you soon,

Take care.


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