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Virgin Broadband Dropouts

Hi there,

Wondered if anyone could help. We are experiencing what seems like "dropouts" with the Virgin Media Superhub. We are using two different latops (Macbook) and what seems to be happening is that every 15-20 minutes or so, the connection dies, and we have to either wait for 5 minutes, or repair the connection in our network settings.

Weirdly, when we are streaming (watching Netflix or whatever) this problem does not arise. Only when we are using multiple websites / emails etc.

Any ideas?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Virgin Broadband Dropouts

Hi benward121,

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.

Sorry to read that you are having issues with the broadband connection.

I've checked your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. There are no faults reported and there have been no time-outs reported since the router has been online.

Do you notice this issue on both wired and wireless connections?

When the broadband disconnects do any lights change on the router at all?

Can you post your router information for me please for us to check if any time-outs are showing? To do this type in in the address bar, no need to sign in, on the top right you will see router status. Within here you will have downstream, upstream and network log. You can copy and paste this information, that would be great.

Hope to hear from you soon


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