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Very slow speed and loss of connection

Have noticed a few issues with my speed recently as upload speed is higher than download speed but it didn't bother me much until in these past 2-3 months as I've been having issues with slow speeds and connecting to wifi and it just gets worse day by day.

My router is superhub 2 and placed next to TV downstairs and all devices are connected wireless such as phone, laptop, tablets etc apart from TV box which is connected direct with ethernet cable but I still have buffering issues. Also Amazon Firestick which is right next to router also buffers.

The most annoying thing is I can't get my phones to connect to wifi. I have both iOS and Android and they keep asking me for password which is weird because passwords are normally saved for all wifi devices and my phones automatically connect at college, public transport and friends house. It's just my home wifi which is an issue. I have to reset my router not once but multiple times in order for my phones to connect. 

Virgin Media told me it is an issue with my area and technicians are working on it. They gave me a reference number F003525549 with review date 21/12/2016. A quick Google search for this reference number took me to another thread where another user in my exact same area has the same issue since July. So maintenance for 5 months? You must be having a laugh.

I've now decided that if this issue is not sorted by end of the November, then I'll be leaving for another company as I am utterly disgusted with this problematic service.

Link to another thread I mentioned.

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Re: Very slow speed and loss of connection

Hey h4mza,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about the fault in your area, I know this can be a real inconvenience.


While this fault is on-going we'd love to keep in touch and provide progress updates.


Please bump this thread on or after the 21/12 and we'll give you all the info we know.


Thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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