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VM Fails to deliver again!

In Nov 2016 my VM broadband developed a fault, after a 6 (yes six) day wait the eng arrived and replaced the router. All was sort of ok until this evening when the router appears to have failed again!!! Call logged with VM and a new router on its way due to arrive by the weekend. Most other businesses can do next day delivery of parts why not VM?????????
Come on VM get something sorted that gives me a stable and reliable connection. The contract we have and I pay for is supposed to give me that right? Well you are failing miserably on that count. I don't want compensation I want service!!!! I have run global service organisations in high tech industries and if I gave my customers the same level of service VM gives me I would have lost my job and all my customers several times over!!!!!! I get promises of a 99.9% guaranteed fix with a new router........really??? What happens if it doesn't fix my issue? What is VMs plan then? I suspect another 6 day wait for a tech eng? If that happens I will wave VM bye bye for failing to provide a reasonable service. Rant over but if anyone can help please reply.
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