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Using a TP-link WD-8980 as a connected router

So I've been trying to have this setup on and off since June and I'll be damned but I really want to sort this once and for all.

So I have a Virgin Media Hub 3.0 and a TP-link WD-8980 modem/router along with necessary Ethernet cables. I'm plugging those into the WAN sockets in each device. I believe with regards the Virgin Hub that's the bottom one nearest to the coaxial.

I have reset both devices. I've switched Virgin to modem only and then connected router and Mac desktop. I can get the router to connect to the net via Ethernet but I cannot get it to connect wireless. I've done everything within my knowhow but am still coming up short. I have taken some screen shots of the TP-link's backbone and I am hoping someone will be kind enough to talk me through what settings I need to do to get this working once and for all.


thanking you. 

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