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Upgrade optons from Superhub VMDG480

We have the Superfibre 70 package using the original Superhub model VMDG480. Like many people posting here we suffer with frankly terrible wifi connection speeds. We have a 2 story house with the Superhub in one bedroom at one end of the house north-south but right in the middle east-west. I know placement could be better however in an old house options are limited.

Finally got around to doing a proper speedtest running 3 different tests roughly 5 minutes apart from each location. Speed listed is average of the 3 tests.

On cable = 76 Mbps

Wifi from room next to router, same floor, distance 4 feet = 32Mbps

Wifi from room directly downstairs from router, distance 16-18 feet = 10Mbps

Wifi from room downstairs opposite side of house, distance 25-30 feet = 6Mbps


This test was done with a single laptop with all other network devices wifi disabled (much to my childrens abject horror).

I no wifi speed is not the same as ethernet and that distance and other factors can play a part. But in real world tests with a family of 4 all with phones or tablets, the wifi connection when downstairs is next to useless. I've attempted to mitigate this with a powerline networking access point downstairs but its slightly better than nothing at all.

So to the crux of my question. Are the other "superhub" models (and I use that term very loosely indeed) any better in terms of wifi performance? I have no issue with basic broadband speed solely the ability to deliver that speed or as close as reasonably possible to all devices in the house on both floors.

Assuming that the newer models do offer better wifi coverage is this something I can request from Virgin as a free upgrade rather than having to fork out? Just want to check my options before abandoning VM completely for a supplier where the wifi device doesn;t suck complete arse,


thanks all.







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Re: Upgrade optons from Superhub VMDG480

Your best,cheapest option is to see if you can snag an upgrade to the SHUB2 or (preferably) the SHUB2AC

150, thinking of leaving us. Options 4,5 should land you with UK support during office hours.

Given the limited details you are giving in your initial post- you say old house, so likely solid brick construction, giving any WIFi signal a bit of a stretch to penetrate- I doubt any of the entry grade offerings of any ISP are going to do much. But feel free to work away.

If you want to actually solve your problem, your likely to have to spend additional funds. A decent router, or hardwired access points can give you coverage at decent speed remote from the main device. But no ISP, no matter who they dangle out  of a helicopter , can change the laws of electromagnetic radiation.