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Unstable Internet and TiVo Box Signals - CH45 area


Posting this in the most relevant place, though the problem is affecting both Broadband AND TiVo boxes.

From earlier today the internet has been constantly slow/dropping/not working, all modem lights are normal and nothing suggests a problem, have turned Modem off (and computer) waited, rebooted, nothing resolved.

In conjunction with this, BOTH our TiVo Boxes are working but the signals on every channel (regardless of what, some better than others, but all affected) are breaking up/not normal.  Turned off at mains and rebooted both boxes, nothing changed.  If watching a recorded programme that IS normal.

I'm stumped frankly.  The service status page shows for this area (CH45 postcode, area ref 20) shows 2 TiVo faults and 1 Broadband fault however non of those would suggest the problems I describe above.

If there is a larger issue with this area then fine, but that needs to be made clear along with a resolution date.

Called 150 and frankly got nowhere, she said she was going to raise it with "Networking" but frankly I don't think she properly understood the issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated because if this doesn't get resolved I'll be ringing Retentions to cancel the entire service, this is just not acceptable.

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Re: Unstable Internet and TiVo Box Signals - CH45 area

Hi AliceBlue,


Welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your services.


I've located your account and there is network fault in your area affecting speeds at peak times - Ref.(F004743054). The technicians are working to get this sorted as soon as possible.


The current review date for this is: 1st February 2016


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



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