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Unacceptable customer service

A few days ago, probably a week, a large 4x4 crashed into and flattened a Virgin Media cabinet, as well as a BT cabinet and a post box.

For many days there was a convoy of Virgin Media vans, and BT Open Reach vans installing new cabinets and making repairs.

During all those days my broadband was down . Of course.

Naturally I am expecting a discount for all the days there was no service.

Now it's not as if anyone from Virgin would call or send an email or a message to say "sorry for the trouble, we are working on it".

Therefore today, the first day the service seems to be back up I decided to call customer services and ask them for a discount for the days lost. 

It took me no less than 4 minutes pressing buttons on the phone just to get in the queue to speak to someone in billing/customer services.

That "someone" in India or wherever he was, claimed he could see no problems with my service, and had I called in to report it.

I replied that why do I need to call in to report something which Virgin already know. My whole system is operated by Virgin, they know minute by minute if I have service or not, if my modem is connected and if there are issues. Why do I need to tell them? Do I really need to take photos of a large fleet of Virgin vans working over a flattened cabinet in the street as proof of no service? Do I need to take screenshots of the Virgin's own status screens which said there was no TV, no Broaband and no telephone in my postcode for days?

The man at the other end replied that he could see nothing wrong and that I would need to talk to the technical team.

I asked to speak to customer services and he said he was "it".

So after 15 minutes on the phone I was getting nowhere with Virgin's customer services.

I am very much tempted to cancel the account which is only broadband and for which I am paying twice over what I am paying to TT fibre which thankfully had not gone down during Virgin's outage.

I can cancel Virgin and get a separate BT fibre on top of my TT fibre and still have two internet lines for backup and spare change.

If anyone from Virgin is reading this, you are pathetic. You do not deserve a penny of our money for the services you offer. "Customer Services" my ar*e.

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Re: Unacceptable customer service

Hi akis_tzortzis,


Thanks for posting!


I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had, not very pleasant!


I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can get some details from you and discuss this further.


Look forward to hearing from you! Smiley Very Happy



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