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Two connections and a printer

Hi. I have a Virgin Media broadband box (I can't remember it's name) that gives us two connections (2GHz and 5GHz), and I've noticed that some of the technology in my home (such as my printer) doesn't connect to one of the connections, and I was just wondering how that whole system works and which kinds of technology connect to which connections, and also why we have two connections in the first place (I mean what's wrong with everything connecting to one connection?).


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Re: Two connections and a printer

Printers only tend to have 2.4Ghz capable Wireless card in them.

As in the 2G and 5G connections the 2G is 2.4Ghz Wireless N (bgn) and the 5G is 5Ghz Wireless AC (abgn). The 2.4Ghz system is the most used and in some areas can be a problem with competing routers. 5Ghz is not used as much and thus will not suffer as much as 2.4Ghz for interferance from other routers in the area.

Both are infact the same Network so though you have 2 Wireless SSIDs its the same connection only using 2 different frequencies to transmit and received on. SO with that in mind a 2.4Ghz device connected to the router can talk to a device connected to the router via 5Ghz.

To be able to use 5Ghz the Wifi Card on the device must be Wireless ABGN normally advertised as dual band Wifi Cards.
If you cannot see a 5G SSID on a device then it does not support the 5Ghz Band.

The Superhub 2, 2AC and Hub 3.0 are all Dual Band Routers so by default have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz on. The Hub3.0 though by default use the same SSID so depending on your device you may only see the one network. the 2 and 2AC have the same SSID but with 2G and 5G added to the end so will always show the 2 SSIDs on devices capable of 5Ghz.

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