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Too many internet devices in the home? No WiFi signal.

I often can't get a device to "see" the WiFi signal from my Super Hub. On an average day my iPad, my phone and the iPad's and phones of the family all connect to the internet in the morning. Come the evening when I'm home from work my PC cannot connect to the hub (the list of Wireless connections in the area doesn't list my network). Rebooting the PC doesn't help.

Either this happens or, if the modem is switched off in the morning (we don't leave it on over night and always turn it off) and the first time I use my phone is when I get home it can't find the WiFi but my PC can.

Randomly other devices can't connect if many other devices have already been using the WiFi, like sometimes the TV can't connect to the internet but every other device in the house can.

The fix is to unplug the Super Hub and plug it back in. Providing the problem devices are on, such as my PC, then they will automatically connect to the network once the Super Hub has finished booting up.

Why does this happen? It happens a lot and it's infuriating.

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Re: Too many internet devices in the home? No WiFi signal.

Hey soopytwist,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about the wireless connection problems you're having. It sounds to me that you're experiencing wireless interference. When you turn your Superhub on in the morning, it seeks for the best channel to use which is why your devices can then join, but then as the day progresses, that wireless channel becomes congested.


You might find it helpful to manually assign a channel rather than leaving it on auto. Please take a look at this help article for instructions on how to log into your Superhub and make the changes.


Let us know if this helps,

Take care.


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