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Timed access hub 3

I was issued with a new hub 3 with my renewed contract a couple of months ago. I was very pleased with the wifi performance but soon discovered that setting up MAC or IP filtering was a ridiculously complex process (made much harder by the fact that when you name an attached device, the hub 3 renames it randomly!) which ends up not working at all.

I've read a lot of posts on this forum with people having the same problem and the stock response seems to be that there will be a firmware update sometime. I think I read somewhere there should be one in the new year. We're quite well into the new year and nothing seems to have happened yet. 

I'm amazed that Virgin think it acceptable to provide these devices with basic functions simply not working. If I'd bought it in a shop I would have taken it back for a full refund as not fit for purpose.

In the meantime I guess I'll have to revert to using it as a modem and cluttering up my study with more wires and hardware - exactly what I "upgraded" to avoid!

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