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Terrible speeds and ping


I'm getting terrible speeds on my PC using wireless and the Superhub 3.  Supposedly getting/paying for 200Mbps down however on a 58MBps link speed I'm getting about 7-8Mbps down and 12Mbps up.

 Firstly upload shouldn't generally be faster than download not too sure whats going on there.  

Secondly if the link speed is quite good/acceptable why is the download so terrible.  Phone is getting 41Mbps down and 8.5Mbps up in the same location.

Thirdly ping is also quite terrible, which could be why speed is so slow.  Using command prompt the average ping to the router is 605ms, with minimum of 2ms and max spikes of 3672ms.  Possibly something to do with the Puma 6 chipset bug?  The router is set to auto frequency which I assume selects the channel with the least interference.  I have tested it with both a wireless card inside my PC (PCI-e) and a USB adaptor both of which have the same problem so I'm assuming there is a problem with the router.  However no-one else in the house (Of 4, approx 2 devices each) has this issue.  Is there something in windows that needs tweaking?  However using the same ping test to it's a stable 20ms to 40ms.  Very confused.  In game (CS:GO) Ping fluctuates from a stable 50 to 80 and then up to the thousands (Reached 19,505 today Smiley Sad )  




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Re: Terrible speeds and ping

Really sorry to hear about all of this Dan, Smiley Sad


I've responded to your private message so that we can chat some more.


I've detected an issue with the equipment SNR and I am able to arrange an engineer visit for this.


Speak to you soon,



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