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TV Connection Issues


We've just been 'upgraded' to Hub 3.0 as our previous hub was dropping the connection to Netflix etc making viewing painful. Sadly with the new Hub 3.0 we have been unable to connect at all. The Samsung TV sees both wi-fi network frequencies and will connect to the hub but says it can't connect to the internet. I have also tried this with an ethernet cable and two different TVs to no avail.

We have a 50mbps package so speed etc shouldn't be an issue. Our laptops (1 x Win10 and 1 x Mac) both connect on our ethernet network and wi-fi with only the occasional drop out which I can live with. VM haven't been able to help so I am really hoping someone on here can.

Many thanks

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Re: TV Connection Issues

Afternoon Griffter,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are unable to connect your TV's to the wireless/wired connection.


Are the other TV's you tried the same make/model? 

When the TV is connected via wireless or wired, does it give you an option to see the IP address that is has been assigned at all? It may start with 192 or 169?

You could try to see if it will connect when the Hub is in modem mode.


Let me know how you get on


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