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Superhub wifi dropping out, needs replacing

The wifi on my superhub is dropping out randomly at varying times of day and affecting my work and leisure activities. There are no devices interfering with the wifi signal in any way, the problem is random and can last from seconds to several minutes at all times of day. This superhub needs replacing as it appears to be on its last legs with T3 timeouts daily.

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Re: Superhub wifi dropping out, needs replacing

You may be quicker giving Virgin Media a phone call or contact them on Live Chat in order to arrange for a replacement Superhub to be sent out to you.  Virgin Media staff do respond to posts on this public forum but they tend to take up to about a week to reply so would delay things for you.


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Re: Superhub wifi dropping out, needs replacing

I take it you have tested your wireless environment with a spectrum analyser, as this is the only way to say with any confidence that there are no devices interfering with your wireless signal. Wifi Scanning apps do not give the full picture at all. It can be suprising what can interfere with wireless connections.

The Hub communicates with VM's CMTS every 30secs, so the odd T3 is nothing to worry about and would generally signify a local circuit impairment rather than a faulty hub

Do devices connected directly to the hub by ethernet cable drop connection aswell?

If so, posting the hub's power levels and network logs in full would help


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Re: Superhub wifi dropping out, needs replacing

Hi Sengir79, 

Thanks for the post! I am sorry to hear about your issues with your broadband dropping out, I apologise for any troubles incurred.

I've tested the connection from here and I noticed that your upstream power levels are too high and also your modem's SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) levels are also too high and will need to be looked at by an engineer.

I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required in order to proceed with making the booking. Please respond to me there and I'll get this all sorted for you.

Speak soon, 



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