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Superhub 3 is a security risk

Firstly, simple things like when logging on to the router, it doesn't mask the password, so its there in plain text for all to see and the password box is rather large.  This is basic security and all web browsers have an option which automatically masks a password box.

However I'm more shocked at the rules for selecting your own WiFi WPA password/key.

My own WiFi password/key is over 40 characters long and consists of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols. However it wont let accept it saying it doesn't meet their security requirements.  It seems its because I cant have more than 2 upper case letter and no more than 2 numbers.  Why are there such restrictions on a secure password?  I can delete about 20 characters and it accepts it.  It's stupid.

Compairing passwords on my password would take 40 times longer to hack than the standard one already on the router.

This needs to be changed.  Add simple security features to the router.  All this can be done via a software update

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Re: Superhub 3 is a security risk

I agree, these types of security requirements are set by people that don't understand security of WPA and its less secure having a smaller password with numbers rather than long password more than 16 characters.  It’s frustrating and I find the changes on this Hub silly.

I find it ironic that they allow the passwords to be visible but complex!  They even have the password visible to login to the device.

I don't think this device is secure and well built

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