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Superhub 3 and V6 won't connect via wifi

Hi all.  I have SH3 and two V6 boxes which were all working fine connected to 5G (having separate names for 2.4 and 5G as advised on SH3).  then yesterday one box ceased to connect.  It will connect via 2.4 but I require the 5G connection for it to talk to other box (which it used to do fine).  it sees the 5G connection when searching, but after I put the password in it just says there is a fault and it can't connect.  there isn't a fault on the network as the other box is fine as are all my other devices.  The strength of the signal also looks fine (80%) on the box which won't connect.  It is usable on the 2.4 but as mentioned it won't communicate with the other box which is on 5G quite happily.  As also emphasied all was working fine until yesterday.  i have rebooted both the box and the SH3 but this hasn't helped.  Any thoughts appreciated. Alan LS

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Re: Superhub 3 and V6 won't connect via wifi

Any chance you're neighbour has suddenly started using wifi and started conflicting, get a wifi scanning app and check.

Have you move the position of hub or v6 or got any new furniture etc as 5ghz is very susceptible distance and obstructions etc.

Have you connected any new 5ghz devices ?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Superhub 3 and V6 won't connect via wifi

It's one of the reasons I wouldn't dream of using WiFi for relay between devices. I use Powerline adapters to provide a wired connection to each Tivo. WiFi is one volatile medium upon which one cannot rely.

If it really matters to have these Tivos linked, do it wired.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)