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Superhub 3 and Sky Q


I have had Sky Q for a couple of months and it all worked pretty well until I swapped my VM hub 2 for a VM hub 3 this weekend.  Now I get frequent loss of connectivity on my sky q mini box which is connected to sky q booster via ethernet and power line adaptors.

I can't determine whether its an issue with sky q, an issue with the router, an issue with broadband speed (which I do have in my area) or a change in the router that affects sky performance, e.g., are the ethernet ports the same on a hub 2 and 3?

To my mind, swapping to a hub 3 shouldn't have affected sky Q.

Any advice please?


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Re: Superhub 3 and Sky Q

Hey SDay365,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear that you're having connectivity issues since installing your new Hub.


I have to be honest, I've not experienced this specific fault before, and I have very limited knowledge on Sky products. Technically speaking, if everything worked fine with your Superhub 2, nothing should have changed now you're using a Hub 3. There might be an incompatibility issue that I'm not aware of, I'll leave your post open so other members of the community can add some thoughts.


Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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