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Superhub 3 - Social Media Follow-up

Hi there,

I know there are a lot of Superhub 3 posts on here so I'm only expecting a Virgin Media team member to respond.

So I have been told to come to these forums to find out the next step in resolving the Superhub 3 latency issues. This has now been confirmed by both an Engineer and the social media team to be my problem.

To be upfront about this post, I am becoming ever-increasingly frustrated at the whole scenario and that may be evident with the post going forward. I understand you (the team member responding) aren't at fault but I would like a resolution that sees both parties happy (primarily myself, the customer).

To also give some background, I have been trying to get a resolution for over 4 months now, and it took 3 months just to get a complaint number (COM102086300) as my first 2 complaints were not raised as complaints even though I expressly said I wanted to raise a complaint. To also make obvious, the Superhub 3 was said to be an upgrade and yet we've had 3 Superhub 3s (one is unopened, not been told what to do with it) and none of these issues were on Superhub 2ac.

Anyway, the social media team have been the only part of Virgin Media that have actually been helpful in this process and went away and finally started progressing this along.

The resolution has been:

  • One month free bill to cover the cost of a new router
  • Raise a post on these forums

This is me raising a post on the forum.

But what concerns me is the first point. I would like feedback on a router that can resolve my problems.

Now a lot of posts on here say there is no router that would resolve this problem. Ok, fine. But lets try. What is a suitable router to try this out with that is comparative to the Superhub 3?

I was suggested a £35 router (within my one month bill budget) by the social media team to test if this resolves the problem. Straight away I know this is not comparative to the Superhub 3 and it has speeds over ethernet of 100mb (a bit of a waste of 200mb speed, right?). So I need an alternative and comparative router that doesn't make it look like I'm taking the mick with the cost and resolves some of my issue.

I found an excellent website that goes in to the details of each router, you can even see Superhub 3 on there!

Now a comparative and the cheapest router I found was the below:

Check out the flash and RAM on the right. The same? Great. Now this is out of the one month bill budget.

So what is the next step to resolving my issue?

  1. Get provided with the credit to cover the cost of the Linksys EA9500?
  2. Go back to Superhub 2ac?
  3. Go to a Superhub 4?
  4. Credit for each month this issue continues?
  5. Another option?

In all honesty, I really don't want to keep getting credit and I don't want to keep talking to you (I'm sure you're all lovely people), I'm just looking for a resolution where anything live on the internet is done correctly.

I understand that coming back from the Xmas period can cause a bigger influx of posts to respond to, but a response by 31st January 2018 would be greatly appreciated. Preferably with a resolution or a next step.



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Re: Superhub 3 - Social Media Follow-up

Save your money, a new router won’t help with your latency issues, the problem still exists in modem mode.

Superhub 2ac if you can get through to the right person on the phone, normal tech support won’t be able to do it and even if they say they have you’ll end up with a Superhub 3, you need to speak to the mythical broadband specialist to get any hope of receiving a used 2ac.
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Re: Superhub 3 - Social Media Follow-up

someone from VM might reply in a week or so - what you will get from such a reply is not much - the hub3 latency problem is well documented but you will get little to no comment from VM

looking at you options

  1. Get provided with the credit to cover the cost of the Linksys EA9500? - not going to happen - add to that the latency problem is still there in modem mode
  2. Go back to Superhub 2ac? - if you have one provided on your account you can get it re activated as long as you are not on 300 - other than that no chance or very littte
  3. Go to a Superhub 4? - does not exist
  4. Credit for each month this issue continues? - its not sees as a fault so credit will not be applied or not normally
  5. Another option? - leave and got to BT or whoever

if you are out of contract option 5 is open to you - if not the problem is not seen as a fault so you would have early termination fees 


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