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Superhub 2AC long time issues yet to be resolved.

Like others in the past I have spent a lot of time recently trying to limit a teenagers time on the internet. According to the software on the router we have several methods we can use, none of which work as required, or even as they should do.

1. MAC filtering yes you can use it, but only to enable or disable a Mac address. The Timed Access Rules do not work. 

2. IP Filtering this has limited success. The Timed Access Rules might work but are difficult to set up when half the time they don't actually show up after you have added them. That makes deleting them fun to do as well.

3. DHCP reservation as part of my locking things down I wanted to allocate each device it's own local IP address. For some reason there is a hard limit of 16! There is no reason for a limit, VM please explain it.

VM, can these issues be resolved? And no resetting to factory defaults will not fix this and I will only do that if I am assured that doing so will actually fix it. (I would want proof that this has resolved it for others)

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