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Superhub 2 problems

I've had nothing but problems with my Superhub 2 router. Constantly having to either reboot or change the frequency settings from 2Ghz to 5Ghz. Anybody else suffering the same problems and am l eligible for the latest Superhub 3. Thanks all
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Superhub 2 problems

Looks to me like you would have the same problems with any hub. If your local WiFi is poor, because of neighbours being on the same channel, then the Hub 3 won't alter that.

When you reboot the hub, it looks for the least congested wireless channel' but only on a reboot. So when lose neighbours are mucking about with channels, eventually they encroach on you. That's usually on the 2.4GHz band' it is rare for the 5GHz band to be congested.

So if the wireless issues occur on both bands, then something else needs looking at.

Is this possibly a range issue in your home? Like is it more stable if you are in the same rom as the hub?

Or is this a circuit issue, like the SH2 reboots itself? You could post the router status information (downstream/upstream power levels) in case there's something obvious we can spot.

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