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Superhub 2 Wireless and login both die - lights stay on on the router

I'm noticing more and more almost eveyrtime i go to use the wireless its no there, i'll check the hub and its lights are both on for the wireless.

my phone, laptops, tv, wifi extenders all can't see the wireless but ethernet for my rig is working fine.

I also cannot log into the routerlogin page.

I have to reset every time but its getting a little ridiculous having to reset the router every time i want to use the wireless and then it dying halfway through a movie.

Is the hub dead/dying? its almost 4 years old and this is the first major issue i've had


*edit* i just plugged my laptop in and after a few minutes the 3rd port down has the green light flashing but the internet just conked out on it, only that one port, the other 3 all appear to be working

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Re: Superhub 2 Wireless and login both die - lights stay on on the router

Hey there Jporter,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your Superhub, it does like it's on it's last legs.


Let's get this replaced for you. I'll confirm your address via PM (purple envelope, top right) and place an order.


Speak with you very soon,

Take care.


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