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SuperHub 3.0 and NightHawk R8000


So yesteday my SuperHub 3.0 was installed

Shortly after I set up the R800 and set my Virgin hub to Modem mode

Much to my dismay, the signal quality around the house is actually poorer than the 3.0 to the extent that my Echo Dot / Smart TV / Hue Bridge can't even detect that it exists in its range. (they CAN however detect the restaurants wifi across the street)

What exactly am I doing wrong here? Does anyone have a similar setup and can explain if im doing something wrong? Someone told me its to do with 5Ghzz/2Ghz

Thank you


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Re: SuperHub 3.0 & NightHawk R8000

Hey there davidlumix,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear that you're not getting great wireless range from your router.


I haven't personally had experience with that specific router, but if you go to the manufacturers website there will be instructions on how to change the operating wireless channel, which might help.


I'll also leave this thread open to invite other members of the community into comment.


Thanks again,

Take care. 


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