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SuperHub 2ac crashes and requires restart

Whenever streaming audio/video or doing anything that requires high bandwidth my router will cut out. I will stop receiving internet and will continue not to have a connection until the router is restarted.


Here are the easy reproduction steps for me:

Download a game on steam / stream on netflix at the same time. Steam will download at roughly 8-9Mb/s and Netflix will take it's usual 1-2Mb/s. This will last for roughly 6-7 minutes before the router crashes and requires a reboot. The router lasts longer without both working at strain but it seems that the issue is hitting over 10mb/s on my PC through a wired connection.


This problem has only occured after reinstalling windows 8.1 pro with a new motherboard (Crosshair V Formula-Z) and the new LAN adapter is an Intel(R) 82583V Gigabit Network Connection. I cannot update this driver due to some weird, strange, issue.


Note: This works completely fine when downloading through a laptop / wireless device. I have not yet tried wireless on my PC; I shall later.

Edit: I am more than aware that this could be an issue with my adapter; though I am also aware that this adapter doesn't have issues with other routers. All driver updates also crash the router so it's the adapter itself rather than the driver.

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Re: SuperHub 2ac crashes and requires restart

Hi BLyon94,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with the broadband connection on your PC.


Have you noticed this issue since you last posted?

If so, did you manage to try through a wireless connection to see if that gives the same issue?

You mentioned that the broadband stops working when you are streaming, do all your other devices lose internet access as well?


Hope to hear from you soon


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