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SuperHub 2.0

I have the Superhub 2.0 and the 5GHz is great, can't complain.  The 2.4GHz is hit and miss, tried the changing channels ect but doesn't change much so had to get a booster for upstairs.

But my main issue is how fragile it is.. is it just mine or are they all like this?  

Like i can't even touch it without it turning itself off and then pressing the power button takes about 10 go's to get it back on.  I just went to connect an ethernet cable in the back and bam! straight off it goes.

Common issue or is mine just an unlucky diva of a box?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: SuperHub 2.0

The VM bods take a week or so to get to a thread. They'll assess what you've written (the fragile bit) and most likely will offer to send you a new hub (Hub 3).

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

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Re: SuperHub 2.0

Hi Dmb88,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to read you are having an issue with the Super Hub.


From what you have described it does sound like an issue with the router itself. If you can send me a Private Message confirming your name and full address, I can arrange a replacement router to be sent to you.


Look forward to hearing from you


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