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Suffering packet loss, router resets & general sluggishness

Hi there,

To start out somewhat self contradictory, on a speed test I will often see my speeds come in at 77-78Mb/s on a 70Mb/s subscription.

For a long time this has been the standard, however, the last few days I've been suffering terrible packet loss, random resets from the router and a kind of "hanging" where briefly it seems like nothing is happening in terms of sending/receiving data. 

The router (other than when it resets) never shows any signs of being faulty however. In the past the blue light would go solid or flash very slowly and that was indicative of an issue, now the router looks from the LED's at least to be working fine.

It's reaching the point where it feels almost like being throttled because it tends to work fine for a while early in the morning, or when first getting home or when first making use of it after a break, but the speeds on a speed test don't hold up to a throttled connection. However, its making viewing videos and gaming almost impossible as buffering/lag causes a very disjointed experience.

I've got a v1 superhub, and have been with Virgin for many, many years so one possible thought is that perhaps the router is just reaching the end of its life? When checking for any faults in the area and general diagnosis on the router nothing appears to be wrong. 

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Re: Suffering packet loss, router resets & general sluggishness

Hi MSant, 

Let me start by welcoming you to our forum community!

Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate you letting me know that you're having troubles with packet loss, resets and sluggishness, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have tested things from here and I can see that your area cable seems to be suffering some load issues, especially during the peak times. We're planning to undertake some upgrades to parts of our external network in your area in order to combat this.

The upgrades will be to improve bandwidth and performance during the peak times, the reference number for this is F005103277 and is currently set for review around the beginning of May.

Thanks for your patience regarding this matter, one of my colleagues will be in touch with some more information for you. In order to pass this onto the relevant team I will need to clear a few security questions with you. I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required in order to proceed.

Take care, 



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