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Stop Unjustifiably Censoring Me

I'm well aware of the hatred the UK Government has for VPNs, however as of right now they're completely legal and a valid method for any home-user to use for internet privacy/security. Therefore I find it idiotic that all, literally every single one, VPN providers websites are blocked for any and all access, it returns an error stating '[VPN Website] sent an invalid response'. 

This would only happen if either, the website was down, or, it was being blocked. I have checked the website on TOR Browser, which uses a proxy, to see if its up, and all of them are, I've also asked friends to check the websites and they work there too. 

I see no reason why these sites should be blocked, they show no malicious intent nor do they show illegal content. The only person to blame here is my ISP, I've tried and tested all methods to try and resolve this, including trying other browsers, and the same error occurs on all, not including TOR (as it uses a proxy).

I would like an explanation, this isn't the first problem I've had with Virgin and I'm sure it won't be the last, if this carries on I'll be finding another ISP. 


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Re: Stop Unjustifiably Censoring Me

I've no problems getting to VPN websites from my home VM connection, with or without Websafe being on.

The error you mention isn't a VM block. It's a general connection error. It could be caused by your installed antivirus doing 'man in the middle (MITM)' monitoring of all SSL connections. Which antivirus software do you use?

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Re: Stop Unjustifiably Censoring Me

Most AV products use the same types of MITM (Man in the Middle) techniques, substituting their own root certificates (pretending to be the web site users are connecting to) in order  to intercept and scan https traffic for malware, forwarding that traffic on to the real destination web site.  IOW, using a classic MITM technique.

You'll find articles about AVG, Avast, Avira, Bitdefnder,, etc. etc. etc. using that techniique.

simple test. disable all your AV, retry your VPNs, post either a grovelling apology / nope it is still just as bad feedback as appropriate