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Still getting packet loss

My last ongoing ticket was eventually ignored so I am opening a new one.

I have ongoing packet loss, it is not terrible but as my upstream is always on 16 qam it is evident I have noise on the line for it to fall back and stay on 16 qam.

I have had the router swapped several times and work done at the far end changing what I assume is my green box on the street to another connection as this resolved the contention issue last year.

I have just changed to the 200mb gamer package and no change apart from the SH3 hiding the info unless you know what link to paste.


Can I have this addressed? Do we have to go through the whole send an engineer out to change every filter and my hub, fit suppression filters etc when it has been done and has not worked?

you can see the small red blips throughout the day showing the issue is still there and my pre RS errors are always climbing.

The noise issue needs finding.




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Forum Team
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Re: Still getting packet loss

Hi GoNz0, 


Thanks for getting back in touch, I am sorry your last thread was ignored I am not sure how that happened. 


Please pop up your Hub stats as I am not able to see anything amiss from this side. Pre- RS errors aren't anything to worry about but if you have a high Post RS error count then I would be concerned about the connection. 


That TBB Graph doesn't look great, is that from a wired or a wireless connection? 


Keep me posted. 



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