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Signed back up to VM but have two questions about my order.

We are switching back to VM from SKY after 12 months, because i still had all my old VM connections in the house with every cable and box still in place from when i was a VM customer, I decided that i would save some money and just go with the self install option rather than get an engineer to come out and spend all of 2 minutes connecting some boxes.

Anyway when i go to the VM website and check the status of my order it says that my self install pack is due to arrive on Tuesday the 13th which is the date i selected because my Sky contract ends on the 14th (wednesday) and because i am going to be busy on the 12th (monday).

But the order status page also says that an engineer is coming out on the 12th for some reason, it has no details about what they are coming out for and a quick googling does not seem to suggest that an engineer comes out prior to self install packages turning up.

Is this some sort of mistake or do engineers come out prior to self installs? If they do need to come out then is it possible to have them come out sooner (this week or the weekend) to avoid the Monday as i purposefully tried to avoid that date when originally ordering.

Here is a screenshot of the order status page showing the supposed engineer visit and the self install date:

Secondly when i view my package details on the VM website it lists my TV and Phone packages but it says i have not selected a broadband package... when i definitely did select the 200mb Gamer package. Is this just a glitch on the site not displaying my full package yet or has my order been messed up behind the scenes?

Here is a screenshot of what the website saying i don't have any BB in my package.

(This is forum account i used with my old contract, so heres the account number of my new one)

Account number **********

Area reference 11




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Re: Signed back up to VM but have two questions about my order.

hiya @DougyM as for the engineer this would be to check the cables, run cables where they need to go.. etc.. as for the broadband missing from the services would need to have a chat with sales/customer services via 150 / 0345 454 1111 online chat @ (using PC/laptop), since the customer services team dont monitor the forum.
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Re: Signed back up to VM but have two questions about my order.

Hi DougyM,


Thanks for posting!


What paultechy has said is absolutely right. The technician is booked to make sure all the cabling is as it should be.


I'd like to take a look at your account to clear up some of these details for you. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can grab some details.


Look forward to hearing from you! Smiley Very Happy



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