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Sick and tired of refusal to replace SH2

Will keep this as short and to the point: 

Been with VM for years. 

Moved hourse in Sep 15. Retention team kept me on same account, but gave me preferential deal and even took cashback value for a new contract off my forthcoming bill and was was told I'd get a new Modem/Router/Hub. 

Guys turned up, setup cabling into house but said "Nah, you don't need a new router that one's fine". All going well until around April / May time this year hub starts playing up randomly and intermittently.

Most common symptoms: 

- Add a new device to either 2.4 or 5 g channel; all the others get booted off.

- Total loss of connectivity to internet on one channel but not the other. Can be sat 1 foot away from the Super hub connected to 5.0G when it goes and then get any number of Errors on browser page about page cannot be reached, DNS cannot be resolved. However phone/tablet is working fine on the 2.4 G channel. Then an hour later same happens and have to swap back again. Can't even connect to the router IP address when it happen

- Sometimes it goes completely; no connectivity. Reboot router, reboot devide, reboot router and device. 

- When it happens even the devices connected via CAT5 Ethernet cable drop off the network at home. 

Phoning the call centre takes me through the script of things to look for, only to be told "There's works in the area affecting internet until end of Feb which will be the cause for your slow down". Despite the urge to scream because I'm being given an answer to a question I didn't ask; there's no problem with speed. Never has been.

2 devices side by side, within a metre of the SH2; will intermittenly get kicked off the network while the other works fine with rapid speed download and decent ping. 

Have done full reset on hub several times. VM no interest in entertaining the notion that the hub has a problem. Mutiple reboots, resets, troubleshooting calls and all I get told is a story about works that will cause slow connectivity being the problem which is manure as half house gets blistering speed on one channel and the other get nothing. Then soon enough it'll flip around or everyone gets wiped out. 

When I ask for the new router I was supposed to have been given in Sep 15 when I moved in there's no interest. Demanded a new router and was told I'd have to pay best part of £15 to have it posted to me. I asked where in the world a router was coming from for the shipping to cost £15... "The UK" apparently? 

Sort it out for god's sake ! Replace the router and stop messing me around



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Re: Sick and tired of refusal to replace SH2

Hi Stevieblueyez,


Thanks for posting!


I'm really sorry to hear you're having trouble with your connection.


I've sent you a private message so I can grab some details and get this sorted out for you.


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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