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Service down on Broadband since Mid morning! What to expect.

Having switched from a highly reliable ADSL service, I thought VM would be solid (not relying on old BT cable)

My service has been off since mid morning. The service status says there

"Virgin Broadband, Virgin TV, TiVo® or Interactive TV services might not be working at the moment.

We have identified the problem and an engineer is on their way."

Fix Estimate 16:00 19/12/16



It is now 18:08. The service came up breifly between 16:25 and 16:27

The router goes through a Cycle of flashing the BASE light, going solid and flashing the Internet Light and then going back to flashing BASE.

I have had VM for 2 weeks and now it's been down for more time than my ADSL was in 10+ years!

Fortunately my old provider is still running during the cancellation period and my old router is able to switch between using the ADSL Directly and going through the VM connection.

Tivo was off for a while but back on, although sometimes breaking up.

Seriously can't be bothered to phone customer service as I fully expect to be fobbed off with rubbish support. ( just like the answer I got regarding why my phone has not transferred)

Significantly un-impressed.









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