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Service down in area 12

Network down in area 12 / North Birmingham

Router hasn't been working this morning. Went through the faff of talking to the helpline who couldn't fix it and instead booked an engineer for next week. Just received a text admitting that its an area fault. Just thought I would post a message just in case others are trying to figure out why they can't get online. No word on how long it will take to be sorted though unfortunately.

For clarification my white superhub router is showing a green power light at the bottom and a green wifi light at the top. 

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Re: Service down in area 12

Hello suttonguy,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the community!

Great to see new members Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about your recent loss of service, I know this can be a real inconvenience. I've tried to test your connection to ensure you're back up and running, but I can't locate your account. With that in mind, please let me know if you're still having trouble and I will happily investigate further.

I appreciate your patience,

Take care.


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