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Samsung Galaxy J5 Can't connect to new Hub3.0 wifi

Hi all,

I've just installed the new virgin Hub3.0 and tried to connect my Samsung J5 to the wifi but its not even showing up in the list of available connections. I can see all my neighbours but not mine.

However my wife's iPhone is connected, as is our tablets, however both my phone and my daughters iPhone 4S can't see the connection.

I rang Virgin's helpline who put me through to their 'Gadget Rescue' line and all they said was "your wife's phone can connect therefore the connection is fine, it's your phone. SIgnup for £5 per month and we can help you to try and fix it". It's all about the money! Next they will be wanting me to open up a vein.

Has anyone had this issue before?


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Forum Team
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Re: Samsung Galaxy J5 Can't connect to new Hub3.0 wifi

Hey Keyser_Soze,

Thanks for joining the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the wireless problems you're having with your new Hub, it certainly sounds frustrating.

I wonder if you've tried changing your wireless channel yet? Often this will help improve connection issues caused by wireless interference. Is your Hub located in a free space, elevated off the ground with no obstructions?

Please get back to us so we can assist further.

Take care.


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