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SH3 green flashing light

I came home this evening and the green light on the hub is flashing merrily away. And it won't stop. Everything seems to be working well, it just won't stop flashing. Any idea why? Power levels all seem fine. Hmmmmm

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Re: SH3 green flashing light

Hiya narc1999,


Thanks for posting on the community.


I appreciate your query in regards to the Hub 3 light flashing green.


Can you be more specific please as to which light was flashing? What do the lights on a router mean?


Are you still noticing this with the Hub? I checked for any faults in your area at the time you posted just in case they were linked and all was fine.


If it is the wireless light flashing, try changing the wireless channel. If it is the internet light, have you noticed any disconnections at all?


Let me know how you get on


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