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S Hub3 Port forwarding issue

I am not at all surprised coming from VM since it took over Ntlworld we haven't seen anything positive, I have been a VM customer for years now, and I am seriously considering to move out and never to return even if the service is offered for free, I have had it with VM.


I had a visit of some VM engineer wanting to install the new Hub 3 and remove the Hub 1 that was working flawlessly for a couple of years, so they did, the minute they walked out of my house the internet went down, and I have tried everything to bring it back, absolutely no way, I called CS and I spoke to a very very rude lady on the other side of the phone, to try and get someone around to fix the problem, it took them from Monday evening to friday to send an engineer around.

He finally turned up, took the router replaced it with another one exactly the same, went to the "green box" or the exchange and replaced something there so we had lift off.

So it worked Friday night, saturday and sunday, this morning I looked at the Router it was flashing away no internet it took a couple phone calls and someone said they are doing some works in your area (yeah right) the classic "excuse".

The So called super Hub there is nothing super about it, it's the worst Hub or internet device I have seen in my professional life (I am an IT professional) First it does not work in a modem mode, well it works as far as plugin one pc but if you plug any router or switch you will get no access to the internet whatsoever, I have used different switches, different routers and not one of them worked with this S** Hub.

The best thing is to cancel and close my account once and for all and find some other provider, the minute I heard Richard Branson was going to take over NTL I knew it was the end of the good internet, not to mention the blocking of websites that "VM" regards as unsafe which is a total lie, it's dictatorial and authoritarian to decide where one should go or do.

It's very annoying to have to pay for something and they still tell you what to do, I am not and was never impressed with VM, It's one of the worst operators I have ever seen.

As from next month I will have to leave I am still looking for another provider.

(Oh by the way, spare me the nonsense about we follow the government's guide lines) 




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