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Router suggestions with priority-based QoS?


not been around here for a while, but a long time cable user since the CableTel days.

Currently running SuperHub3 in modem mode with Sophos UTM running as my router on an old PC.

Need to save some leccy, and looked at running the hub as a router but it doesn't support the subnet I want (

I'm looking for a < £200 router that supports traffic priority-based QoS. The reason is, I run iRacing which is highly latency dependant and gets destroyed every time my daughter uploads a video to YouTube. iRacing depends on client upstream UDP.

Without full layer-7 application control, I've never managed to get bandwidth limiting to make a difference - I think traffic priority (via traffic type, IP or MAC address) is the only way to go.

Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

Oh, I don't need WiFi as I'm running Unifi for the wireless.



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