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Router/Wireless hacked

I have a Super Hub 2ac which i simply forgot to change the default passwords for the router and the wireless network when i upgraded from the previous Super Hub.

After experiencing sluggish performance and reduced download speed for a period of time i logged into the router and observed the "device connection status".

After learning a little more about MAC addresses i noticed i had one more MAC address connected to "wireless devices". I observed this on a few occasions until i finally changed all passwords. Since i did this i have not had any problems or noticed any additional MAC addresses.

It was definitely a hacking of the router as i know how many devices are connected to my wireless network and i double checked the MAC addresses of these devices with what were showing up in the router. I was also getting unusually low download speeds on my 100 Mb line for a period of a few weeks,

I am guessing the culprip was downloading a lot of data Smiley Sad

So, i am looking for advice on any settings i need to change within the router or any advice in general.

Wireless Band2.4GHzEnabled


2.4GHz Wireless Security5GHz Wireless Security 
Security Mode  WPA AutoWPA2-PSK[AES]

Up to 32 characters (case sensitive)

Up to 32 characters (case sensitive)

or Security Key  

Between 8 and 63 characters (case sensitive)


Between 8 and 63 characters (case sensitive)

Channel  Auto Auto Compatibility
Operating Channel  136+40


Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Your Super Hub is currently set to use the following default WPS PIN:

WPS PIN  xxxxxxxx
WPS Status   Ok


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