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Really bad wifi range and router issues

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a but of advice.

We have moved house and have taken VM along with us. The new connection is in the front room and the wireless reception is very poor. The wifi in the living room is abviously great, but starts dropping out in the kitchen with very bad to no reception upstrairs.

The router will also at times loose all wifi capabilities which requires a lengthy wait before any wifi networks show up again.

Is there a chance the router might be faulty?

Thanks for reading..

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Re: Really bad wifi range and router issues

hiya @keenan with wifi range, can depend on so many factors the biggest is having thick walls, lots of other wifi routers close by trying to work on the same channels, you could try and tweak the wireless guide -> you could take a look at ->

best idea to increase range, is putting the hub into modem mode and using a 3rd party router something like a asus rt68u series, not cheap but worth it.
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