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Really bad internet / slow connection

hi all. i seem to be getting really slow internet since last week. more so over the last couple of days it's been worse. i recently put my superhub 3 into modem mode and added my own router as there seemed to be some issues on the virgin network and it would constantly make my hub 3 disconnect and restart itself meaning that everything that i have installed on the LAN side would disconnect from the network during the reboot and this would happen more than once over the day. Anyway. If i contact anything internally it's fine. if i try and go onto external web pages everything takes ages to respond even to the point that they fail. if i ping my router it gets an instant low response time. If i ping to virgin box or any external website i seem to be getting upwards of 500+ ms response times is there an issue with virgins setup or can it be something else? I've restarted everything here multiple times with no change.
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Re: Really bad internet / slow connection

Hi ,

Welcome to the Community!

Really sorry to hear you're experiencing speed issues.

I've located your account and I can see an issue with the network in your area affecting speeds at peak times - Ref.(F004973010). Our technicians are working to get this resolved and have set a review date of 6th September 2017.

I've also picked up an issue with your Upstream Power levels that will need to be adjusted by a technician. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can arrange an appointment.

Speak soon Smiley Very Happy


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