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Problems with HUB 3 and Wifi access point dropping connections

I have setup a few wifi improvements in the last year which were using HUB 2 and Engenius 350 access points, No major issues just worked..

configured with HUB 2 wifi turned off completely and altered DHCP so no chance of a conflict.Left in Router mode.

Now I was asked to help with new setup and this has the new HUB 3, so I setup the same Engenius 350 as access point and identical configuration as above.

Except after a few hours users get disconnected and get error saying authentication failed.

Resetting cures the issue for a while then it re-occurs.

I have tried different Wifi channels and IP but makes no difference, also tried 2 other Engenius 350 and again no better.

I also tried on another HUB 3 which was next door and the same problem occurs.

Anyone had any experience of using the HUB 3 with an access point?

Also noticed that the UI on the HUB 3 is very slow compared to the HUB 2.

is this a known issue with the HUB 3?


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Re: Problems with HUB 3 & Wifi access point dropping connections

Hi audimushroom,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


Sorry to read that you are having issues with the Hub 3 and access points.


This is a known issue and will be resolved with the next firmware update.


Once this is available the Hub 3 will automatically update the software.


Let us know if there are any further issues after the update.



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