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Problem connecting Yale WiFi home security system via SuperHub VMDG480


I have been trying without success to get a Yale wireless home security system to connect with the internet via my Virgin Super Hub router (VMDG480).

The Yale system uses a 'Smart Hub' which is attached via a cable to one of the Virgin Super Hub ports - howver I am finding the connection only lasts for 3-5 seconds then stops.

Any ideas of how I can overcome the problem would be appreciated. Normally devices which are  attached to the ports, e.g. laptop or NAS drive, work fine and connect to the internect without any fuss!

I would add I am not a tech expert :0(

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Re: Problem connecting Yale WiFi home security system via SuperHub VMDG480

Have you added it in to the DHCP reservation list of your router?

Is the device upnp compatible if not you may need to open ports. Ensure upnp is activated on both.

Lastly your device may work better as a static connection if it has this facility you would set it up in the actual device settings.

To explain I have a NAS that requires open ports but it is upnp compatible so I dont need to port forward. when setting up the NAS device I also need to set it as a static connection or the device cuts out especially if I am trying to access the NAS when not in my own network.

Hopefully its one of the above.

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