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Port blocking

Please can someone help me. I purchased a symbology sever about 6 months ago and all worked perfectly. I have two servers one in Spain and the other in the UK.
I received several letters saying that someone is trying to hack my internet when the two servers sync'ed together. It offered help and some SW to help setup my internet. I ignored the letters as it was working how I set it up.
Now virgin have blocked all my ports, I can no long use the VPN connection, login to my server remotely, remotely access my router or do anything,
No changes have been made to my home network, router or anything under my control.
Please can someone inform me how I can recover this situation?
Why has virgin chosen to block my ports without asking me?
How do I go about asking them to unblock my ports?
I can use the quick connect to the server but I can't assess my photos, music, films.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Port blocking

Hello Hardke

Welcome to our forum, at the moment I am unable to identify your connection from the forum details so will speak generically. We would not normally block ports for an individual connection, I appreciate that you say you have not changed anything but perhaps it is worth trying Modem mode on your Virgin Media Hub and double checking any device firewalls.

I wonder if ShieldsUP will help with identifying what is blocked or not.

Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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